With decades of service to hundreds of families, we would like to take a moment to share some of their stories:

Elder Care Management of Northern California was a lifeline for our family.  My initial contact with the company was through a phone call with Ginger.  She could not have been more patient and caring as she listened to me express weeks of pent up worry, frustration, and fear over efforts to care for my sister in law after her cancer diagnosis.  Ginger was caring and empathetic but also took charge to help prepare me for the issues I would likely be facing in the near future.  Ginger created an action plan for our family which allowed me to focus my energy on caring for my sister in law and her husband.  One of Ginger’s initial recommendations was to bring her colleague Piper on to our case.  Piper became our main contact person, friend, and Angel in disguise.  Ginger and Piper had the professional expertise and experience to project what we were going to be facing and connected us with the resources we needed to get us through those difficult times.  Both Ginger and Piper cared for all of us like family.  They were truly an invaluable resource.  I would highly recommend this company!!

Deb K. (July 2019)

I cannot recommend highly enough the folks at Elder Care Management (ECM).  I call them my angels, as they shared with my mother and I incredible support, kindness and grace during a time when we needed it most.  In the difficult years before my mother died, their team consistently and reliability provided the concrete help critical to enabling my mom to live a life of increased safety and well-being.  In addition to supporting her around daily life challenges, including medication management, social support, transportation services, etc, they showed up in moments of crisis to provide the crucial case management and advocacy services desperately needed in these moments. They expertly navigated the byzantine and soul-crushing worlds of insurance policies, hospitals, assisted living companies, funeral preparations. But perhaps more than their practical knowledge and logistical support, I was most moved by the compassion I was shown by every member of their team.  Walking with a loved one through the process of aging and dying is the toughest stuff life has for us.  I offer the deepest bows of gratitude to the ECM team who made sure that my mother and I did not walk this path alone.

-Heidi S. (June 2019)

As I write this, I am still grieving the passing of my dear Aunt Weezy.  She suffered a massive stroke about six years ago which left her brain damaged and bedbound.  She never married and had no children.  She filled the gap when my mother passed, and I loved her like a mother.  Unfortunately, I lived on the other side of the country which made it difficult for me to be in California as much as I would have liked, and I had a lot of anxiety about her being cared for properly.  Since there was no one in California who could step in and advocate for my aunt, our attorney referred me to Elder Care Management of Northern California.   Initially, I was cautious.  Quite frankly, I was fearful that their main agenda would be to squeeze as much money out of me as possible.  That couldn’t have been further from the truth.  I have no doubt in my mind that they are filling a calling from Above.  Felicia Juntenen was my aunt’s case manager for almost six years.  During that time, she became so much more than just a case manager.  Although I was impressed with her knowledge and ability to coordinate and keep lines of communication open, from the CNAs all the way up to the head nurse and doctors who cared for my aunt, my heart was so much more impressed and genuinely touched by her kindness and compassion toward my aunt.  The small things meant so much to me – coffee, ice cream, donuts she had the staff puree, lining up volunteers to read, recommending art therapy – keeping my aunt engaged in life.  I believe these small gestures greatly enhanced my aunt’s quality of life.  As time passed, I could see a genuine, loving friendship develop.  If you are reading this and considering retaining a case manager for your loved one, you have come to the right place.  They are the best of the best!

-Cari I. (January 2019)

You have been on my mind for a while now as we cross the threshold of a year ago moving my mom this weekend. I have not been prepare for all the emotions I am feeling remembering what an adventure (huge under taking) this has all been, especially all we did to make things happen so quickly after my mom’s fall on Mother’s Day. You were instrumental in all of this and I can’t thank you enough for all your care, guidance and support.

Mom is doing well, especially this last month or so. She is fighting with me less and seems to be accepting her new life. She is safe, eating well and social.

I could not let this weekend go by without acknowledging you and the special gift you have been to our family, and especially me and my mom.

Brigid F. (May 2018)

Living hundreds of miles away while being responsible for my elderly father’s care would not have been possible without the love and helpful hands and feet of Elder Care Management. Ginger and Gail were there for me and my father 24/7. Their knowledge of the best care facilities and support services, as well as elder care laws and requirements, was invaluable!

– Janet H.

I have worked with Elder Care Management for 4 years. They are incredibly thoughtful, helpful, dependable, understanding, and professional. They have my Grandmother’s best interests at heart and are always there for her and our family. They have gone above and beyond any expectations I had. I live on the east coast and I know I can always depend on them to be there for my Grandmother. My Grandmother is happy and living the best life possible due to Elder Care Management. I don’t know where we would be without them.

– Cheryl C.

From the very first moment I spoke to Ginger and Gail by phone, I knew I finally had the solution I had so desperately been searching for to help my dad. My young family had recently relocated to Texas at the same time we were seeing an incredible decline in my dad. Finally, we received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Finding Elder Care Management was the best thing I did for my family during this time! What they do is well beyond a job. Beyond a job description. These women gave my dad the support and personal care he needed in my absence as I would had I been there. They even helped me with the right words to use with him to reassure him and comfort him, while in turn, helping me. They were available all hours of the day for emergencies, extra support, and recommendations to improve his care, as this type of disease doesn’t follow a script. I can honestly say I could not have navigated this incredibly difficult time in his (our) life without their support. They made what felt like the impossible, possible. They have a supporter and a “raving fan” in me forever! Thank you to Elder Care Management of Northern California for all you do!

– Jennifer M.

My family can without reservation recommend Gail and Ginger and the services they provide through Elder Care Management.

The last few months of my dad’s life proved to be overwhelmingly challenging, with multiple hospitalizations, in-home care needs, and finally hospice. Along with these came hospitalizations for my mom, the sale of their home, and difficulties dealing with financial institutions once my dad was incapacitated.

Elder Care Management responded at a moment’s notice to late night emergency room visits, questions about all sorts of care needs, and were there when we needed them most on the day of my dad’s passing.

Every one of their referrals and recommendations has proven to be excellent, and saved us so much time and stress. We consider them part of the family now!

– Cara W.

Without the help of Elder Care Management there is no way we could have gracefully navigated our way through the last couple of years. We thought we were prepared for the journey we were on, but in truth, we really had no idea of the many obstacles we were going to face. Every time we thought we were at the end of the rope, they had a well thought out solution to our unique problems. There is a certain peace that comes with knowing that every move we made was the best one at each stage. Their knowledge and resources were invaluable! With their help and guidance, we knew, instead of hoped, that every decision we made was appropriate at each stage. My Mother was treated with respect and love, which she so deserved; it felt as though she was getting the same care and attention you would have given your own mother. My Mother and I are so fortunate to have been the beneficiaries of their compassionate professional service.

– Jim & Barb H.